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Our mission is simple: We keep businesses up and running through cutting-edge technology and personalized service. Whether your business needs a simplified way to store data or reliable back-up methods, JR Vision offers turnkey solutions for all of your IT needs. As your trusted partner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected and secure.

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Disaster Recovery Avoid downtime and disastrous situations with a managed business continuity solution. JR Vision will synchronize your servers to a secure location.

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Whole Office Hosting With virtual workforces and 24/7 expectations, the modern office must function robustly while being location-less. Downtime is not an option.

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Cloud Servers Give your business the latitude to thrive. JR Vision offers cost-effective cloud solutions that are secure and easy to use.

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Recent Ransomware Attacks Serve as Warning to Businesses

After a year of market disruption due to COVID-19, the last thing that businesses need is a cyber-attack that halts production and results in thousands or millions of ransom dollars. And, yet, that is exactly what has been happening lately with a string of attacks on businesses, schools, hospitals, and government agencies across the country.

Don’t be the next headline. Make sure your business is protected! For a free consultation, contact JR Vision today.

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Client Testimonials

"After years of running my own servers, two years ago I switched to a cloud based system for my software that allows me to log in anywhere there is an internet connection, securely and safely, permitting unlimited access to my patient records and clinical trial protocols. I no longer have to worry about computer issues or what happens if I get a virus or somehow lose data. I can focus on my business."

"As a company with two offices in two different cities, we continuously found it challenging to access QuickBooks on the computers in one of the offices. As our business began to grow, we needed a more convenient and effective solution. We contacted JR Vision to help us identify our options based on our needs and they determined a cost-effective and very convenient option for us. We can now access QuickBooks in the cloud at any time and from any place. It’s made a huge difference in our ...

Allegro has used JR Vision exclusively for server hosting for the past 4 years. Great service and support. They have been able to help us scale as our business has grown. No matter what comes up JR Vision can handle it. They are simply the best we have found in the IT business."

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