“The” Cloud has become such a valuable place for businesses. It has become the buzz word in technology. Do you remember when it was “laptop”, “wireless”, or “social media”? A computer used to be so bulky and tethered you to a chair in order to accomplish work. Let’s not even imagine how slow they were! Now, wireless laptops, tablets, and phones allow you to work from almost anywhere. The idea of social media was foreign to most a decade ago. Now, social media has become an outlet to rapidly share life happenings, photos, advertise, or blast out worldly news. You may not know that the concept of “the cloud” was created in the 1970’s. However, the technology has become more mainstream since 2000. Now, run your business in “the cloud” and benefit.

Below, read the 5 reasons you and/ or your business can benefit from cloud computing.

  2. Every business is focused on how to increase revenue and decrease expenses. The cost savings of using cloud computing comes in many ways. Cloud computing can allow you to save on capital costs- no on premise server(s). This can encompass your mail server, web server, backup server, and development server. IT equipment is a major expense for a business. Not only do you have the outright cost of the physical machine, you need to add on the cost of software licenses and the cost of maintenance of that machine. By having a server in the cloud, you avoid that major outlay of money. With no on-site infrastructure, you additionally save on power, AC, and administration costs. Also, you can free up valuable office space by removing the servers. Savings can also be found with JR Vision’s rOffice service; you can benefit from software upgrades as they are made available without additional cost. Here’s a challenge: total your businesses expenses related to IT repairs, updates and patches to the system, upgrades, and time. (Time could refer to the cost of hiring an IT professional to do the work OR the lost time of productivity of your business, self, and/ or employees).
      With cloud computing, you use a simple web-based interface. Your business will run its applications in the cloud; applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc. Even your ERP application can run in the cloud. You no longer need to perform updates to your system nor will you have the potentially costly maintenance on your server(s). All of this will be taken care of by your cloud service provider. Imagine the benefit of knowing that your system is up to date on patches and updates keeping it secure from hackers and always operational for your business. Allowing JR Vision to manage your system will free your time to focus on your business, its goals, and growth!


      Yes, cloud computing is always open and accessible to you. As long as you have a working internet connection, you can access your data from anywhere at any time! Additionally, JR Vision provides uptime guarantees.

       4. SCALABLE
      As a business, your IT needs will change. Employees may be added or subtracted. Your data storage needs may increase much quicker than you planned. If you purchased your equipment and or licenses, this puts you in the position to spend yet more money. Maybe you are forced to jump to that next tier, but really don’t need that much extra. Well, cloud computing allow for scalability. Cloud services are paid for monthly and you pay for what you need! It is as simple as that.

       5. FREE TIME
      Take note of all the time throughout the day or week that you have to focus on your business’s IT needs. Entrusting a reliable partner company such as JR Vision, you can keep those hours for you! Focus on your business and rid yourself of IT headaches.

    Keeping up with the ever changing field of technology is a full time job. Aligning your business with JR Vision allows you the peace of mind. Go ahead and “put IT in the cloud.” JR Vision can help.