Emergency Preparation Deals was the subject line of the blast ad for the online store.

Generators, gas fuel can, portable 5 gallon toilet, folding shovel, emergency tool kit, tarp, batteries galore…flash light, head lamp, flood lamp oh my!

While all of the above items listed are important for your survival at home, have you thought about your business? Compile an up to date employee contact list, have a list of vendors and customers, and review an emergency evacuation plan. Well, that covers the people.

However, in the event of a disaster, what would save your data? Sure, all of the above items have their importance, but if the disaster affects your servers or systems, a shovel will not dig you out of the hole!

The most valuable asset of your business is your data. It is the culmination of each day and each employee that is irreplaceable. Years ago it was walls and rooms of filing cabinets. A flood of fire would mean the end. Multiple copies being stored in multiple places was not practical. Now it is possible and common practice (or should be.) A company with a business continuity plan that is thoroughly caring for its data will have multiple points of data storage with at least one being off-site.

Just like going to collect the batteries, flash lights, and generator; having a plan for data storage and protection needs to be done before the disaster. You don’t want to be left in the dark! JR Vision can help your company construct a plan and provide a safe, secure environment for your data. JR Vision won’t just send you a lengthy email on what to do; JR Vision provides actual assistance in organizing and connecting all the parts as well as running tests to verify everything works according to plan. By partnering up with JR Vision to be your data storage provider, it becomes your off-site location. Now, let’s look up to the cloud and take your data storage solutions to our rProtect (DRAAS) disaster recovery plan. Instead of simply storing your important files stored on your company’s server(s), rProtect keeps a mirror image of your company’s entire server in the cloud; including your database. You can choose how often you want the server synched (daily, twice a day, and hourly). If and when disaster strikes, your business can be fully operational in a short period of time. This is ultimate data protection and positioning your business to not be left in the dark.

Stop. Think about just how valuable your business’s data is! The hours of work put in multiplied by the number of employees is priceless. Again, stop. Take the time now to pause and protect your data. What is the point of forging thru this busy season? Or I’ll address it in the New Year? After ramping up the new employees, I’ll get to it? Not sure if it can fit in this year’s budget? I’ll get pricing and build it into next year’s budget?

Stop. The time is now. Take care of your company’s most valuable assets today!