Are you a small to medium-sized business keeping your server(s) onsite? Are the servers stored in a closet or under a desk? If yes, you must read on and learn why that is not recommended and how JR VISION can help you EMPTY YOUR CLOSET!

Smooth and successful daily business operation relies on your IT hardware. Imagine showing up to the office one day and the servers had crashed or are struggling and overheated- a meltdown. This stalls productivity which costs you money- leading to costly repairs or the need for new hardware- which costs you even more money.

Where is the best place to store your business server(s)?

Your designated server room/ space plays a huge role in the success of your business. Several details go into having a proper server room in order to best protect and extend the life of your sensitive IT hardware. It must have air conditioning and proper ventilation/ air circulation. The IT hardware needs a stable temperature (ideal range 68-72 degrees) and humidity level (45-55%.) So much heat is generated as the servers run. If it gets overheated or runs without proper air circulation, it shortens the life of the equipment.

A server room should be located in a space with no exterior building walls or any windows. It should have the proper power supply to safely operate the IT hardware as well as the HVAC and fans/ ventilation. As business grows, technology changes and more equipment is added, the room should be designed to handle the increased power supply needs. Costly and a challenge to retrofit, the server room best protects your assets when it contains a waterless fire suppression system, a UPS and link to a generator, and security. What can you do with that server tucked away in a closet when you are trying to grow a small business on a limited budget? JR VISION invites you to EMPTY YOUR CLOSET and place your server(s) in the cloud or data center that meets the required needs for data storage. Space is a premium especially for small businesses. As an example, an office park rents space for $7 per sqft. The smallest office (which you use as your make-shift server room) is 108 sqft. That costs you $756 per month OR $9,072 per year. Add to that the cost of AC and power as well as the IT professional to maintain said IT hardware. JR VISION’s cloud services could cost you a fraction of that per month! Truly, JR VISION can save you money AND assure the proper environment of your valuable business assets (the IT hardware in addition to your data). Turning to cloud services can actually be a cost savings monthly and/ or over time and easily allow for economy of scale. Take that vacant 108 sqft and use it to increase revenue instead of costing you each month.

Allow JR VISION to EMPTY YOUR CLOSET, you sweep it out, and your spring cleaning is done!