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Cloud Servers

JR Vision’s custom server hosting, or rServer, simplifies your business needs by providing the infrastructure and support you need and nothing that you don’t. Your servers run completely in our cloud environment. rServer provides the up-time, backups, disaster recovery and even server management.

Move your server to the cloud and start saving money today.

rServer details:

  • eCommerce website
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Accounting software
  • Inventory/Warehouse Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Clinic Management Software/EHR
  • and more

You run your servers in the JR Vision cloud. We handle the backups, backup verification and make sure the systems keep working.

Will This Work For You

This will work for your business whether you have physical or virtual servers already.

This process works for both Microsoft Windows and Linux based systems.


We start with a phone conversion and make recommendations based on the number of servers you have and the size of those servers.

We’ll guide you through this process, but we understand your time is valuable and limited; we can usually provide estimates after the initial phone call.

The Setup

The most common is that we simply take your existing server and move it to the cloud.  No, we don’t physically move the server, instead we convert it to something which can run in the cloud. Remember how you organized the icons on your desktop?  They will be right where you left them when we are done.

How we do this is based on several factors including the number of servers, amount of data and even your internet connection. We will work with you to recommend which method is best for you and your company.  Often times we can simply start a process after your work day and you’ll be ready to go the next.  Other times we ship a device to you and we perform the conversion to that device first, then move that to our cloud.  Other times customers choose to move to the cloud when upgrading or adding new applications and therefore we simply create a new server in the cloud and give your IT people or software vendor access to it so they can install and support the system for you.

As part of the process, there may be a few firewall rules which need to be setup on your side to ensure the secure transportation of your data.  On our side we need to setup the different processes and jobs as well as make similar firewall rules.

Regardless of the method chosen, we will work with you to have you understand each aspect of the process and what you can expect at each step.  We will handle as much or as little of the implementation process as you want us to.


Once setup, you are running in the cloud.

You can give administrative access to anyone you choose, whether that is your software vendor, internal IT staff or 3rd party IT company. This is your server.

We are available to ask any questions and help in any way that we can.


From our initial conversation through setup can take as little as a few days although a week or two is more typical while we plan to minimize downtime of your system.  Your involvement is usually around an hour between the initial conversation.  If you have a system which we are unsure how it will work running in the cloud, we do tests and verify before you would be locked into a contract. In other words, if we convert your system and some part of it doesn’t work for your needs, we’ll either address that need or help you get everything back the way it was working. We want happy customers, but will settle for happy future customers if our services do not fit your needs right now.

Sample Pricing

Every system is different, but here are a couple examples of pricing from real clients.

New York based office with 5 users running their 3rd party software.  They use close to 1TB of data.  The Microsoft licenses for Windows Server 2012 R2, Antivirus, 5 Microsoft Office licenses and 5 Remote Desktop Client Access licenses (CALs) are included.  Monthly cost $345.

Virginia based distribution company with 200 employees who only needed 1 of their systems, a client facing web application, moved to the cloud.  Monthly cost $200.

New York based IT company with 8 employees moved their time and billing system to our cloud.  Monthly cost $150

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you support virtual systems?

A. Yes, we currently support both VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Q. Do you support physical systems?

A. Yes.  We support both Microsoft Windows and Linux based systems.  We have also done some AIX and HP-UX although the process or those is much different.

Q. How frequently can I have my data sync?

A. We have many options for this including a continuous one, however in practicality, every 15 minutes is possible.  It can be faster, but companies which need continuous usually have so much data being changed that bandwidth at their location becomes the bottleneck.

Q. If I sign up today, how long before my systems are protected?

A. While we can usually have the setup done in a day or 2, but then the systems need to sync.  That takes time and that amount of time is based primarily on the upload bandwidth at your location.