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Disaster Recovery

It’s not a matter of if, but when a disaster strikes.

If your business has been unfortunate enough to endure a data loss, there’s no doubt you’ve made provisions to ensure you are never again caught in that situation.

If your business has not been the victim of a breach, a virus, or a lightning strike wiping out servers, important data, destroying hardware, and rendering your business inoperable, it is only a matter of time. This is the dark side of our technological reliance – it can never be taken for granted. Whether it is your laptop with treasured family photos, or a server room full of sensitive client data and financial information, you don’t want to lose anything.

Our rProtect Disaster Recovery Plans include:

  • Synchronization of your entire server(s) to our datacenters
  • Options to synch each day, multiple times a day, hourly or more frequently
  • These options work for physical or virtual servers:
    • Windows or Linux
    • VMWare or Hyper-V

Avoid downtime and potentially disastrous situations with a managed business continuity solution. JR Vision will synchronize your servers, in near real-time, to a secure location. These servers are exact copies of your servers with your data. When a catastrophe strikes, they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Contact JR VISION to avoid costly downtime with our managed business continuity solutions.

Will This Work For You

This will work for your business whether you have physical or virtual servers.

This process works for both Microsoft Windows and Linux based systems.

Your servers continue to run as they do now. We setup a process where your server(s) is synchronized to our cloud. The data transfer is encrypted and even the data stored in our cloud can be encrypted. The security of your data the top priority.
You will continue to run your business the way you are doing so today, but with the extra security of multiple copies of your server both local to your servers and remotely at a geographically redundant data center. Your data will be safe and secure in the event of hardware failures, natural disasters, computer hacks, theft, fire, viruses, etc.
You can even run your business from some of these copies and data can be restored from any of them. You are protected whether you accidentally deleted a file days or even months ago and you just realized it, or your office floods and you lost everything.


We work with you to decide which plan is right for you.

We will make recommendations based on the number of servers you have and the size of those servers.  We’ll take into consideration your hours of operation and your risk tolerance among other factors.  By risk tolerance, we mean, how frequently does your data need to propagate?  Is once a day enough or do you need it every 15 minutes?  Somewhere in between is the most common.

We learn this information from a phone conversation.  We’ll guide you through this process, but we understand your time is valuable and limited; we can usually provide options and estimates with only a few minutes of your involvement.


The Setup

We will work with you to recommend which of the many setup options are best for you and your company.

Regardless of the option chosen, this will be a painless process which usually requires no downtime.  We’ll handle it for you from the implementation plan through execution.

Most setup processes involve some minor steps on your network and more steps on our systems.  On your network we setup a server which allows us to process the data without impacting your server’s performance.  There are also a few firewall rules which need to be setup on your side to ensure the secure transportation of your data. (Don’t worry, we will help you with this simple process.)  On our side, we setup the processes, network security and firewall rules for your systems in our data centers.


Once setup, our process goes to work for you.

While the process is typically flawless, any system can have hiccups; so we monitor the processes to ensure they are working.  Our monitoring sends us automated alerts and daily success or failure reports.  At no cost, you can opt to receive these reports as well.

The only sure way to know a system is working is to test it, so we test your system.  The frequency of these tests are based on your plan and we involve you in the test process.  Your involvement can be as much or as little as you would like.  We have some clients who simply want us to start up their servers and verify they start up correctly. Other clients want their employees to use these disaster recovery systems to ensure the data is accurate and everything is working as planned.

Whatever you choose, we are here to help you every step of the way.


We can have you setup and protected in as little as a few days.  Your involvement is usually around an hour between the initial conversation and the setup process.
Your data is safe and secure, allowing you to focus on your business.

Sample Pricing

Every system is different, but here are a couple examples of pricing from real clients.

Office with 1 Microsoft Windows server.  The server has 8 CPU cores and 16 GB of RAM.  The system has 480 GB of disk space, but is only using 200 GB (we only charge based on the used amount.)  Monthly cost $300.

Office with 3 servers (2 Microsoft Windows and 1 Linux.)  The servers combined for 14 CPU cores, 28 GB of RAM and 2.75 TB (1.2 TB used.)  Monthly cost $700.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you support virtual systems?

A. Yes, we currently support both VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Q. Do you support physical systems?

A. Yes.  We support both Microsoft Windows and Linux based systems.  We have also done some AIX and HP-UX although the process or those is much different.

Q. How frequently can I have my data sync?

A. We have many options for this including continuously, however in practicality, every 15 minutes is possible.  It can be more frequent, but companies which need continuous usually have so much data being changed that bandwidth at their location becomes the bottleneck.

Q. If I sign up today, how long before my systems are protected?

A. We can usually have the setup done in a day or 2, but then the systems need to sync.  That takes time which is based primarily on the upload bandwidth at your location.