Disaster Recovery

It's not a matter of if, but when disaster strikes.


This is the dark side of our technological reliance — it can never be taken for granted. Whether it is in the form of a breach, a virus, or a lightning strike, important data and hardware can be destroyed in a second, rendering your business inoperable.

At JR Vision, we believe it is always worth it to be prepared. Our personalized disaster recovery plans are designed to keep your data secure and accessible at all times. Whether physical or virtual, we can synchronize your servers to a secure location in a painless process with little to no disruption to your operations. Encrypted and secure, your back-ups are ready to go at a moment's notice when catastrophe strikes. 

There are a lot of concerns when you're operating a business — losing a server room full of sensitive client data and financial information shouldn't be one of them. At JR Vision, we keep your data safe and secure in the event of hardware failures, natural disasters, computer hacks, theft, fire, viruses, and more. Integrating data security into your business continuity plan has never been easier. 

Our rProtect Disaster Recovery Plans include:

circular arrows Synchronization of your entire server(s) to our datacenters.
double sided arrow Options to sync each day, multiple times a day, hourly or more frequently
cloud arrow Options work for physical or virtual servers: Windows or Linux; VMWare or Hyper-V

Need help determining the amount of protection your business needs? Our team will work with you to determine a plan that is right for your risk tolerance. We work with you from implementation through execution so you can be sure your information is protected.

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