Whole Office Hosting

Create, Collaborate, and Produce … From Anywhere.


JR Vision's whole office hosting offers businesses a turnkey solution at a fraction of the cost of owning your own server. With cloud-based file storage, your shared drives, accounting systems, ERPs, and even medical office software can be run without a server sitting in your building.

While owning your own server can seem prudent, there are many expenses that come along with it. Things like power consumption, real estate costs, and basic upkeep can add up quickly. You also need to project out how much disk, processor, and users you'll need to support for the life of the system.

With JR Vision's virtual server hosting, you only pay for what you need when you need it. Files are easily accessible, maintenance and security are provided, and unnecessary downtime is avoided. Data storage can be a hassle - let us take care of it for you!

Our rOffice Plans include:

circular arrows Your own server to run your business applications
double sided arrow Disaster recovery services with data sync'd each day to our alternate data center
cloud arrow Benefit of a much larger setup at a much lower price point
repeat arrows Multiple domain controllers for redundancy, file share servers, print servers, email servers, and more

JR Vision handles data migration from start to finish to make this a painless process with very little downtime. Have questions? Set up a free consultation with us to determine which options are best for you and your company.

Run your office with JR Vision's rOffice and start saving money today.