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Whole Office Hosting

Create, Collaborate, and Produce … From Anywhere.

JR Vision’s whole office hosting, or rOffice as we call it, is a turnkey solution for businesses. rOffice allows businesses to run everything they need from the cloud at a fraction of the price of owning your own servers.

Shared files, accounting systems, ERPs, and even medical office software can be run without a server sitting in your building.  

Is better for your business to run in the cloud or on a server in your office? That is a good questions with a few key factors to consider. The cost to run your server(s) will be similar in either case. However with JR Vision’s rOffice service includes some expenses which are not normally thought of in the server purchasing process. There is the cost of the actual server in addition to software licenses, backup devices/media, and backup software. Often overlooked are the expenses related to power consumption of both the server and the extra cooling, real estate costs of using your office space for a server and maintaining basic upkeep on the systems like applying patches or verifying and testing backups.

As an added benefit, JR Vision customers are able to keep the costs lower by only paying for the amount of disk, processor and users they have right now.  In purchasing new hardware, you would need to project out how much disk, processor and users you’ll need to support in a year, 2 years and so on for the life of the system.  With JR Vision’s Whole Office Hosting, you only pay for what you need when you need it.

Run your office with JR Vision’s rOffice and start saving money today.

rOffice Plans include:

  • Your own server to run your business applications.
  • Disaster recovery services.
  • You’ll get the benefit of a much larger setup at a much lower price point.
  • Features include (most available at no additional cost)
    • Multiple Domain Controllers for redundancy
    • File share servers
    • Print servers
    • Exchange e-mail servers (priced per mailbox)
    • Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)
    • etc.

JR Vision will handle the migration for you.

Will This Work For You

rOffice will work for your business whether you have currently have physical or virtual servers.


We work with you to decide which plan is right for you.

We will make recommendations based on the number of users you have and the types of applications.

We learn this information from a phone conversation.  We’ll guide you through this process, but we understand your time is valuable and limited; we can usually provide options and estimates with only a few minutes of your involvement.

The Setup

With many options, we will work with you to recommend which are best for you and your company.

We work hard to make this a painless process with very little downtime.  We’ll handle it for you from planning through execution.


Once setup, you are running in the cloud.

We are available to ask any questions and help in any way that we can.


Our initial conversation through setup can take as little as a few days; although a week or two is more typical while we plan to minimize downtime of your operations.  Your involvement is usually around 1-2 hours between the initial conversation and the setup process until the setup is complete.

Sample Pricing

Every system is different, but here are a couple examples of pricing from real clients.

Storefront with 19 users running a 3rd party ERP for Point-Of-Sale (POS), Warehouse Management, Accounting, etc.  The system has 80 GB of used disk space (we only charge based on the used amount.)  The Microsoft licenses for Windows Server 2012 R2, antivirus and 19 Remote Desktop Client Access licenses (CALs) are included. Monthly cost $524.

Accounting office with 2 users (3 during tax season) running their 3rd party tax software.  Monthly cost $200.

Office with 5 users running their 3rd party software.  They use close to 1TB of data.  The Microsoft licenses for Windows Server 2012 R2, antivirus, 5 Microsoft Office licenses and 5 Remote Desktop Client Access licenses (CALs) are included.  Monthly cost $345.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you support virtual systems?

A. Yes, we currently support both VMWare vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Q. Do you support physical systems?

A. Yes.  We support both Microsoft Windows and Linux based systems.  We have also done some AIX and HP-UX although the process or those is much different.

Q. How frequently can I have my data sync?

A. We have many options for this including a continuous one, however in practicality, every 15 minutes is possible.  It can be faster, but companies which need continuous usually have so much data being changed that bandwidth at their location becomes the bottleneck.

Q. If I sign up today, how long before my systems are protected?

A. While we can usually have the setup done in a day or 2, but then the systems need to sync.  That takes time and that amount of time is based primarily on the upload bandwidth at your location.